(Writing in response to the V magazine‘s Size Issue from models.com 2010)

I’m back on the blog!LOL. I’ve many posts under drafts…but this one had to be posted, in between my assignments. =D

Above is the picture of one of the models on models.com preview of V magazine’s Size Issue. [FYI, V magazine is an international fashion/editorial magazine that are only available in our country via large bookstores (MPH,Borders,Kinokuniya etc) and usually arrives late one issue.]

I’m not a fashion enthusiast but I can say that I love to know about it a lot. All the processes involved in producing a fashion line, fashion magazines, models, photographers, casting director etc and also the art of fashion photographers and creative directors. So, as usual, I read this entry from my fave source, models.com.

The V Magazine’s Size Issue made a 10 pictures spread of very curvaceous and obviously overweight models. Plus sized models are usually size >12, or L (large) size based on standard US conversion, height 5”9 – 5”10! Like a tower. Only thicker. But I think these women are what we call ‘big build’.

Instead of commenting on the page, I want to write about what I feel about ‘fat’/large/overweight girls hating on thin models in my blog because I don’t like paraphrasing…

Many commentators are praising the editorials as well as completely threw it off. Basically in my opinion, the spread is very very interesting! A shift from the usual stick thin, portruding ribs and bones models, with a beautiful face. But I’m frustrated at emotional comments. Several overweight ‘fat’ girls comment on how they always hated that the fashion industry never looks at them, downgrading them by only showing spreads by thin models (size <4), and how it’s ‘refreshing’ to see a ‘change’ in  the mainstream modelling industry. They want thin and average women to shut up and ‘let the light be on them for this one time.’

I’ve gotta say you people are too volatile a person to comment. Maybe you should come back when you have calmed down a bit or think through. Yeah, the limelight has always shining on them, the thin women. But that’s no reason for you to go on a rampage against them.  And the ‘Me against the world‘ thingy? It’s either you’re insecure or your life sucks. I guess you might have some kind of degrading childhood…when your schoolmates always tease on you, and call you names, looking at you with disgusted faces. Those schoolmates are bad. But a person is ALWAYS worth more than that…more than names, more than beautiful faces and slim bodies. There are no reason to dwell on people wrongdoings. What the hell have thin and slim girls do to you? (except the b***h ones hehehe) Fashion is art. Models are not meant to represent us. They represent the ideas of the designer, the photographer, the creative director. Just don’t feel too small that beautiful girls with slim bodies exists in this world. They’re supposed to be unreal in the photos. And they’re NOT anorexic most of the time. They’re just that. Low metabolism maybe? I have many friends whose appetite’s as big as the world but she has always been a size 3. Other than that, they’re trying so hard to maintain their size.

And not allowed to eat rice OMG!! That will kill me.

Some people who totally dig the concept of the spread also disapprove of the fact that those models are overweight. I mean, come on! Those spare tyres, love handles, tummies. At least I can admit that I have it. ‘All of the above’. I hate these crybabies. We’re overweight, yes. Do I need to cry over it or hating thin girls for what they were born with? Then it goes on with the ‘Beauty came in all sizes and shapes’ talk. Duh.

If that really true, why do you keep on firing on those thin models? If beauty came in all sizes and shapes, aren’t those who are THIN with BONES, ASHAPE (if that word even exist =D) and FLAT are beautiful too?

OK I see…They’re featured on magazines…people like to say good things about them…they’re more likely to get men like them…looking at them…can wear horizontal stripes and look great…always can find their sizes in designer boutiques…Oh and they don’t have cellulite,orange peel whatnot! Etcetera.

We can’t have all of that (some,but not all). So…we’re jealous. Like lime green jealous. We started to hate ourselves, and questioning, why why why me…and then blaming other people so that we remain the one to be considered, to be the center of attention. I actually hate it when hating other people came from our own insecurities. That’s the point. This is ‘ol classic ‘playing victim’ trick. If anyone ever play this trick on me, I ain’t buying it.

As long as it’s not psychologically bothering you.

One of the most important things in life is, being healthy. You’re going to miss it the moment you have even a minor fever. Health is virtually important. You can see and feel it. Unlike being beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder right? Don’t start the ‘not all overweights are unhealthy’ argument again. Spare tyres, excess fat on the stomach are all signs of unhealthy living, increasing the risks for every kind of fatal/chronic diseases that starts on narrowing of blood vessels for example. Admit it. It’s a fact. I’m not saying every overweight can expect to die on their 25th birthday or something. Catch what I mean? Put your head over your heart for once. Slim women can have unseen risks. It’s more dangerous for them. (and don’t laugh at them on this!)

Let the mainstream fashion world goes on in whatever direction it will go. Next time, if the fashion people wants to do another spread like this, make sure the clothes suitable on fat girls. Style them natural, there’s no need to do high fashion spread all the time when using plus sized models. To me, what V magazine’s doing is slightly insulting. Those models are portrayed as desperados, trying to squeeze all that flesh into tight fitting attire, and styled over the top. It was like, they can’t look good on their own. (I like the pic with the jeans only)

The only difference between these models than real plus sized women outside is confidence. Look at how good they feel about themselves. Confidence is projected through the pictures. That is embracing your beauty. Know what I mean?

This is my rambling opinion. But the intelligent point is, try to be healthy no matter how heavy are you. Being helplessly overweight and round doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to break all the rules and over indulge in unhealthy food. And picking on your thin girlfriends and models. Trust me, they don’t like it as much as we think they do. So, stop hating! Start to love,firstly yourself and then others. I did that and it’s the real thing! No one can make you feel otherwise.


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