Salam. As we all know the Freedom Flotilla tragedy has claimed the lives of 19 (20??) people on board the ships, of which I can’t clarify and can’t quite grab the actual facts because of the unclear and indirect nature of medias reporting the incident.

But proceeding to the post today, to get away with murder (or murderS, in this case) is easy, if we ‘learn’ the ways of the master –Zionism and its gangs.

  1. Make good friends with the Big Guys, who will always have your back in case anything ‘goes bad’ and saves you in time.
  2. Be a master story-spinner. This ALWAYS works. And be absolutely confident about telling people your version of story which of course, sided with you.
  3. Never apologizing to anyone. You don’t want to be seen vulnerable and giving in to people’s condemning eyes. Always held your head up.
  4. Suppress the voices of your victims. Not literally, that will leave traces. But by blocking their usage of any sort of communication will disable thoroughly any solid visual/audio evidence that might reveal your evil doings. This will also makes your victims feel hopeless and unsuccessful in telling people THEIR story.
  5. Meanwhile, make your own ‘evidence’ that will support your story, after doing every measure to block any other sources of medias that might tell otherwise.
  6. Lastly, play victim. ‘They started it!’ and you have every right to respond to their defensive actions because they might KILL you. You’re in danger of your life so you take their lives to remain alive.

And, repeat this set of steps everytime you murder someone else. But beware! You are getting more and more decent minded people of the world who learn to search for the truth rather than accepting everything from your propagandas.

The name Mavi Marmara and the Freedom Flotilla convoy will never be forgotten. The men and women deaths carved in history of people of the world trying to BRING DOWN THE WALL of Gaza and deliver the aid they needed to live normally like any other people in any part of the world.

Let us start again and never lose faith in what’s must be done! 31st May 2010 in remembrance.


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