Discovered : Got to know about this awesome band from Smallville Season 5 soundtrack. At the time their band was named Colored Shadows. They changed their names quite often until now – Low vs Diamond.

Then I started listening to ‘Life After Love’ again and again countless times. After some time I did listen to One Tree Hill Season 6 soundtrack for which I’m too much in love with ‘This Is Your Life’. It was like the coolest song on the whole album (except Coldplay of course =D). Only after that it came to me that Colored Shadows and Low vs Diamond are the same guys. That’s why I felt their voice was similar and their style have The Strokes kind of sound in it. So that’s is it. I’m officially loving this band. I’m a fan of The Strokes myself!

IMO? : The 2008 self-titled album is not the kind that you’ll like since the first time you heard it. At least not for me. I listen to it many times until I find myself suddenly finding something interesting in a new song each time I listen to them extensively. lol. But I do just realize that the 5th track – ‘Actions Are Actions’ is quite good.

Although ‘This Is Your Life’ sounds too good it stays as my fave. ‘Don’t Forget Sister’ came second, followed by ‘Cinema Tonight’. I can’t get enough of the guitar solo nearing the end of the song!!!! So great. Songwriting is nice too. It’s relatable and quite honest. ‘I’ll Be’ is haunting me nowadays. It’s a beautiful song although I don’t really understand what the song is saying.

I found the official music videos of ‘Don’t Forget Sister’ and ‘Heart Attack’ on YouTube. Creative.

The band started few years ago and I know I’m a little late. But consider me a new fan. =p



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