I learned how to break an ampoule for the first time today. As will-be-pharmacists that are surely going to work in the government sector, we might be doing TPN and all. Breaking an ampoule is like, the basic to do drug reconstitution. I’ve seen it in the movie Taken (2008). Liam Neeson does it like he’e breaking a twig. While I did it like I’m breaking someone’s neck! Most of my friends too. hahahaa.

I’ll remember this day. Remember how to break an ampoule. I’ll be looking back to this day when I’m a registered pharmacist in a government hospital doing drug reconstitution, and breaking ampoules like a pro. Heheh

Selamat berjaya kawan2! Jumpe mase dah hebat nanti. Keh3

p/s: tak short pun post ni~


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