(Lame dah takde post yang tentang perkara selain music. Banyak jadi drafts je.)

Hari ni after habis PBL, ak terus pegi bayar yuran, dan tunggu van untuk balik Plaza. I thought of going to some restaurant for dinner, as what I suggest to my roommate.

And then she asks, “Nak gi mane? Nape hari ni?” with a weird look on her face. Yea normally we do go out sometimes for dinner, but those times has gone. I mean, we’re buried in assignments, and lab reports we’re not comfortable with the idea of lounging out at some place for hours while our works left untouched. And we both know very well that we’re last minute people. But I don’t know why. Today I felt a little better than the last few days (and weeks). I really thought that today is a day to be celebrated, like we used to do every end of final exams. The burden is lifted slowly as I’ve just a chunk of lab reports to be done (quite a lot but still OK) so I have some time to watch movies, eating VERY slowly and just do nothing.

Then I answered, “Tahla.Rase nak celebrate!”

A weirder look on her face.


We actually did not go anywhere…I figured to just celebrate the simpler way. We can celebrate anything that feel special to us by many means, not just going out-shopping till you drop-watch multiple movies in a day-eat at a restaurant you’ve never been before-karaoke ing-have a blast. There are more ways than one.

So I went to buy the usual Nasi Goreng Kampung at the small but nice warung in front of our place. I also buy the one thing I’ve always wanted to buy at the nearby shop but it happens to not sell it anymore ; Keropok ikan.

Hehe. But really. I do feel happy tonight as I can EAT everything that I thought of from this morning. I’m that kind of person – thinking of what I’m going to EAT for lunch,…for dinner, with a lot of thought about the price. Kedekut. I’d rather eat something I don’t really like but don’t put a hole in my pocket. Although at times I do feed myself the need for more expensive foods as it was all deliciousssss! So here, I’m sitting in front of my laptop with my dinner yet to be finished (very slow eating lol) and thinking of watching some CSI Las Vegas before watching some movies like Friday The 13th, Blood, Jennifer’s Body or something like that.And then listening to Carolina Liar – Last Night endlessly while reading stuff like Silver Angel – Johanna Lindsey until I fall asleep.

Our everyday life is not so nice, I know. It’s consists of routines, which I hate a lot. Having to wake up early and passing the busy streets to our campus, going to class (and sleep sometimes),going back and doing assignments until 3am. This is really not the kind of life I’m waiting for. Never. No one is wishing for this. And then there’s exams. The worst time for uni students. So not like when we’re at school/matriculation. Sometimes I think this is all ridiculous! Who wants to have to endure this for years?

But here we are. We know it’s for good, but hey, everyone needs to WHINE and complain. I try to make art everyday , and do something different everyday, although I may not succed in this. Everyone can make a little change. Small things like waking up at different hour than usual, wearing the clothes you seldom wore, take a different path to campus, eating breakfast (when you usually skips), eating vege (hahaha this is me), or just smile and talk to the person you’re too busy to care. I see it like this. Sometimes, I gave a call to my sister who lives outside KL and is a very very busy houseman doctor. It felt really good when you gave even just a small time to do anything outside the usual. At least it works for me.

So the point is, celebrate your everyday life! You may not the most important/beautiful/famous person ever walks into your classroom and nobody notices if you came to class or not (lol sedih gile.kah3). You’re not even on DEAN’S LIST and certainly not the brightest. What a sad life,you say? Sabar2…There’s more to life than your boring-lame life. There’s a whole bunch of things we can do and explore outside. I think everyone does have wish/es that they want to fulfill but never got the chance. I have it too. It’s sad to think of not being able to do what you really want to do. but don’t fret just yet. We will have our chances and opportunities, InsyaAllah…(this is what I say to myself XD)

But I do believe it.  Be grateful of another day on Earth as God’s servants which we’re lucky enough to know our purpose of living.

In the meantime, I intend to make a full use of my everyday life. And my one way of achieving it, do reward yourself. When you do feel genuinely good about something/a day, celebrate in your own way…

Yea. Tonight I’m happy. Because I’m able to eat Keropok Ikan, at last.



2 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. haha..hafsah,celebrate x ajak aku pon.. =(
    mantap dowh..wat assignment sapa 3 pg tue..huhu..
    aku 2ggu ko blnje aku bile aku pijak plaza 6t..hahaha..
    tp,siyes aku pn dh bosan idop cmni..dh rupe robot separuh, zombie separuh..weekend pn sehari je ade..time tue laa,nk wak assgnment, nk kemas bilik, nk iron baju..huhu..

    sori,pnjg lak komen..sesi luah perasaan..haha

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