This is how we end.

This is how we forget.

This is the way it has been.

The seeds were sown.

And now we’re reaping the fruits.

What have we done?

What have we came to be?

Oh All the lost times…

Never lost in my mind

The place where I sleep,

And dream nice.

I’ll be hoping for the next sunrise

If that will be my first.

Because today,is not the best of days…


2 thoughts on “Fake And Plastic

  1. nape cam sedey je..
    old n past days memang best,tp ape nak buat..kt xleh undurkan masa.
    ape yg bole kite buat sekarang ialah..
    “stand straight,look in front!” mcm yg selalu kt ckp kat anak murid kite masa assembly.hehe

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