I apologize (to myself LOL) for not continuing my previous post.Sorry..apparently I’ve to search my notes to look for these quotes because most of the time I randomly write it together in my notes.So…

This post was named ‘Haiit!’, largely influenced by my mood and thinking these past hours.I just can’t contain myself.Even right now I’m smiling and smiling.Not really a word or exclamation that I use in real life.I don’t use ‘Haiit’ (is this really important??!).And,if anyone does notice,I don’t usually put more exclamation mark than 1 to end my sentences.

Again,largely influenced by Happy-Happy mood just now.

I just finished the thing that I haaaateeeee + benci + menyampah + caci + maki around 1.30pm today.My classmates and close friends here also felt the same.I mean,Helloooooo???We’re going to have the final exam in 2 weeks (tomorrow is the start of study week),plus all the presentations and lab reports that was submitted this week;we’ve been working day and night!!Seriously,I haven’t even reach 6 hours of sleep everyday this week.And now,what?Simulasi HM (Khidmat Masyarakat)?? For 3 days?? Compulsory?? OH MY GOD.

Dreadful.I can’t stop from *cursing* this Simulasi thing from the day it’s confirmed to be on Friday (16th Oct). And the next dreadful + sad is that my oldest sister is going to have her (2nd big) day on 17th Oct. My home is like, 15mins from here. I can’t go because of this thing.Again,OH MY GOD for the hundredth time.

My first impression of this Simulasi is just that – Total Spoiler!!!!!Although I know that may change in the next minute    ( tend to change thoughts and impression about something easily).Depends on the situation. Most of the time, a small bunch of good/close friends can make the day change from super-bad to super-nice.

I don’t want to tell all of the stuff that happens in these 3 days,I’ll just summarise.Hehe.

All in all,these 3 days changed from super-bad to super-nice primarily by my 2 KGs (only my friends understands this abbreviation. Heheheheheh) I’m soooooo happyyyyyy~~~~

*switch to Mother Tongue*

Ak seronok.Hepi.Bez.



Dalam hati je la tapi.hahaha.Mampus kalau tunjuk kat luar.Dari luar cool + diam2 je.Kahkahkah.Ak terasa poyo.Dah lama ak x terasa poyo.Bukan la.Tapi ak selalu mencuba untuk menjadi diri sendiri (ni pun AMAT poyo). Tapi kali ni memang fail.Banyak jugak la sebab hepi ni.Lebih dari 1.hahahah.Tapi yeah.Terima kasih berjuta kepada mereka yang menyebabkan simulasi HM ni dari menyampah kepada seronok  + kenangan baik.

TERIMA KASIH BERJUTAAAAA KEPADA ANDA!! walopon ak tau ko/korang takkan baca mende ni punye.tapi ak still harap ko/korang terbace

(walaupun 3 hari ni jugak hari yang menyedihkan ak.sebab lain.tapi tak perlu cerita kat cni)


subject to change_comp(edited)

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Will post again next time.


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