Lecturers are educators.They talk about so many things.About life,their experiences,and of course the subject that they teach.I find myself picking up their random ‘words of wisdom’  than anything else that they spoke about.Apparently these are much more interesting. =D

Might not be exactly the same from what that were spoken.Based on memory and hearing.

The Dean was quoted,

Uneducated people sees things differently from us,the educated ones.They see the Trees as just that,Trees.But we sees it as food source,and source for drug making.

Later in life you will understand why education is important.

Everything in life,the journey;will make you different.

[in Medicinal Chemistry class.we’re on the topic of Genesis of Drugs.]

Prof. Fuad was quoted,

We’re all living in a situation where everyone is vulnerable.

You see music, You hear color..

[in Pharmacy Practice class.on the topic of Drugs Abuse.]

*will add another next time.sleepyyyyy!!!!*


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