Back to class from Raya mood.(NOT really!).No Raya mood for me this year.

Now writing from Kg Baru.From the day I went back home for Raya break (Thursday last 2 weeks) to Friday last week,I’m not in KL.Well,I am.But only for hours,on Tuesday.Haha.

I’m thinking of the title post just now.

-Unforgettable Raya- (Yup!REALLY unforgettable.but…also have VERY FORGETABLE moments.)

-Adventurous Raya- (Quite true.But…that’s just 3rd Raya onwards and not the crucial days.1st – 2nd.So…)

-Boring Raya- (70% true.Because the nice part comes after 3rd Raya.Again.)

-The Best Raya- (Tipuuuuuuuuu!!!No way.Penipu besar ni.)

I couldn’t fit this Raya into any of these titles.So,I put dot dot dot.Haha.Serius.Bosannye 1st Syawal!!Tak terkata bosan.Setakat pakai baju elok n bangun awal,ak rase takde ape sgt.Lagi pulak ak sampai kampung lambat.Sampai je semua dah masak.Kalau dulu,join the preparation.Masak2…Borak2…Saudara yg ada pun ramai.Tapi tahun ni?Duh.

Bosan.Definitely boring.

Family member pun tak cukup,saudara tak cukup.Mood tak cukup.Seronoknye, dapat raya dgn abang sulung ak n family die…

I miss the old times.I miss the trip to kampung, with my whole siblings (exclude 2 Abang ak).I miss the mood of preparing foods.I miss the waves of people come and go,beraya kat rumah nenek ak tu.

Most importantly,I miss the people,that are NOT present in this year’s Raya.Eventhough I dunno if that will change anything.

The trip on 3rd Syawal to 6th Syawal was the unforgettable one.I felt this is the only trip that we really do what we want.Completely out of plan! Will always stays in my memory. For some reasons, I can’t tell the story here. =\

I don’t really care of Raya these past years. I just get excited when I was at MRSM Serting, and KMJ, as I live out of KL. Excited of being back home.Not really of being able to celebrate Raya,you know. I thought of it as a part of Cuti Raya.But still this kampung is the ultimate place to balik raya.Takkan raya KL kan?Atau tempat lain?Tak nak la.Nak raya Jasin gak.Hehe.

But approaching this year,somehow I felt the Boring part of Raya. Is it because of age? (cakap macam dah tua sangat) You’re no longer interested in main mercun,jalan2 raya etc. Your mother doesn’t make cookies and kuih raya anymore. Your sisters and brothers already married and have their own responsibilities. And another home to come back for Raya. You’re missing out the fun stuff. Now you’re focused on serving the guests and relatives that come by. And take care of the kids and babies. o.O .

I’m not looking forward for any of the fun things anymore. I just want my family to be complete and having a blast of Raya with other relatives.

Restoran di Kangar,Perlis
'Hafsah keturunan Siam??'

The best thing to look forward to.

Oh!And these two.

Alif Aiman - Aina Aleeya
Alif Aiman - Aina Aleeya

Ak bersyukur je.Untuk semua.

Selamat datang, Raya 1431h!


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