Surely today is a special day.Partly because of the date.This date will happen only once in the whole lifetime.For another 2 hours (at the time of writing) at most before entering 10/9/09.I’ve also heard the buzz about the 12:34:56pm on 7/8/9.I dunno why but these stuff always fascinates me.I have a thing for the time 11:11pm which some people say the best time to wish, especially for someone that you love.Not that I believe it…No.It’s just something interesting to know.Like,how I find it a little scary when everytime I look at my phone’s clock randomly,the time is 7.11 (usually in the evening),which coincidentally match my birth date.7th November.I know, I know.It doesn’t mean anything.It’s just surprising + scary.To be looking at a combination of numbers which make up your birthdate when you’re looking randomly at the clock.

So,anyway,there are also some interests in the number 23. Why? I dunno about this one but I came to know about it when the movie The Number 23 starring Jim Carrey was released on 2007.It’s something about Paganism, as far as I’m concern. In Islam,yes of course, many miracle numbers are related to Islam. Check this out on the number 361. There are many more that I’ve come to know in these past years but which I don’t really know 100% so I wouldn’t write about it. And, this one movie that my family like a lot,The Omen which revolves around the number 666, related to something in the Bible.

Now I wonder, is there any ‘special’ numbers/set of numbers that are NOT related to any kind of beliefs or religion?Everytime a number is said as special, it must be somehow related to these. Even how the 11:11pm thing came out is a mystery. It is said as the digits related  when Angels and Spirit Guardians are nearing you, trying to make their presence noticed by using these sets of 11.11 or 12.12 (4.44,5.55 and so on) or using electrical devices like traffic lights and of course,lights. It’s described as something…celestial. As a Muslim, we have limitations on our knowledge to these invisible (ghaib) beings that we can’t see. We firmly believe that they are real and exists, but the worlds are separated, for our own good. I mean, we don’t even know how they REALLY look like. From hadiths, it was said that some of the Prophets who are granted to see these Malaikat. And it’s not a normal experience. I wouldn’t dare thinking. It’s all in His superior knowledge.

But, I guess they were really something in numbers. Why do they make TV shows like Numbers and movies based on the mystery of numbers? It must be because of the curiosity, and the interest. We’re always keen on numbers, like a date of something important event is happening. Which one is the most likely that people will remember?? The date. Not the day. Time, date, length, weight, are basic stuff that are explained in the terms of numbers. We can’t calculate anything without using numbers. Mathematics, is a mystery. How you can actually estimate the probability of an event is just soooo not normal. Also, strange patterns in this world that somehow can be explained using mathematical equations/sequences (flower petals were used to describe this), stuff like conjectures (Kepler’s, Poincare’s etc), theorems bla bla bla.

The thing is, this whole big world is so mysterious. I dunno if I’m overly observant but really, it does gets me everytime. I’m not a genius in Maths. If I am, I’ll be talking Maths right now LOL and tries to solve mathematical matters. Even using Maths, we can decipher the cosmos, and the universe. That’s why when I realised I’m interested in Ilmu Falak and Astrophysics, I know I should ditch the idea because I’m not good in Physics. Well, I’m here doing Pharmacy, which demands Chemistry at my fingertips! (which I’m not…currently). Maybe I’m interested to the mystery.

To put it simply, mysterious things attracts me..(LOL LOL not really important!). The point is, I thought numbers are mysterious and downright fascinating. I once thought that (during school time. =p), if we master these numbers (and all the stuff related to it, like Maths), we’ll know the secrets and hidden messages behind the beings and things existed in this world. I’m sure this doesn’t sounds appropriate to my age right now, so…well. Haha. Just a childhood thought.

Let’s be back to the mathematical problems encountered in this Pharmacy course alone. Numerous equations and theories, especially in Pharmaceutical Technology I, where it’s basics are Physics. Not my favourite subject! Right now, let’s just live. Everyday stuff can also have it’s wonders. =)


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