Taken from our house 22nd floor from these past few days.

The ‘grayest’ Ramadhan in my whole life (as far as I can remember). But today is getting hotter.

Anyway,I heard that 31st August (Merdeka Day) will be happening in Ramadhan month for another 32 years.Yeah.No more money used for the expensive fireworks!!!Only when I’m somebody’s grandma then we’ll see the fireworks show again.

But still,Merdeka Day was tainted by the usual stuff;Mat Rempit(s),Khalwat,Arak,Orang bersorak tak tentu hala malam2 buta etc.Look back into the few days before 31st August.So much had happen.The most unpleasant is this.


Tomorrow my classes start at 8am and I don’t want to miss sahur like yesterday.

Will write again.


3 thoughts on “Rainy Ramadhan

  1. woi, nice gile scenery! dok tgh2 kl.tinggi2 lak tuh.whooh.hectic kan pagi2? i loiikkkee.
    neway, nmpk tak sekolah aku dr situ?haha.

  2. errr.macam xelok kan, serbu blog kau tanpa cakap ‘ SELAMAT BERPUASA!!’ i hope its not too late..hehe..alaah tiap2 tahun aku wish ramadhan lambat kat kau.so chill!! 😀

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