I’m not sure if it’s even a word.

I guess this is what I’ve came to be.Possibly influenced by family members and the surroundings,but I always think that every young people should know politics.I even see people who KNOWS NOTHING that’s happening in the country as pure stupid.Not necessarily we should know exactly which side we are with,but at least,take notice and read read read..!

Many of my friends all my life aren’t interested,and would change the topic with classic lines like,

Tahla.Aku tak suke la politik2 ni.Tahpape.Tak paham langsung diorang ni.Gadoh sane,gadoh sini.Bosan.

Which I’ll sighed a LOT to.This is ignorance.We’ll be eligible to vote in the few years to come,so please dig up some politics!Or we’ll end up as empty-minded-ignorant-remajazamansekarang thing.

But,sometimes I think they’re just peacelovers.People who just wants a peace of mind.That’s it.What they don’t realize is that this is how politics are.You can’t expect the political ride to be smooth and clean.This is how it works.Unless you follow the real Islamic way of politics,then I’m sure everything will be OK,with minor problems.(Politics and Islam can’t be separated,remember?)

Another thing is,it’s pessimistic to say ‘Bosan‘.I mean,come on.

This recent 1 August Anti-ISA gathering.What do you think about it?Whatever your opinion is,please don’t rely on mainstream media to make your judgement.The lamest thing ever is to weigh the information from only one side.Because we all know whose mainstream media is.Terang lagi bersuluh.Get the story from the gatherers and passers by themselves.

I’d say,our beloved Malaysia is now undergoing many changes in it’s political history.Not really know what I meant by that,but it’s pretty much what I think.We’re changing.I can accept the trials that come with it.And I hope I’m well prepared.

I might sounds foolish here,but well.It’s something that I believe in. ^_^


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