Another late post.Hahaha

Anyway,I should be writing something in conjunction with Mother’s Day,but it seems that I can’t get around that right now.So,I’ll be writing about my final exam for 1st year in Pharmacy course.

The subjects are –

  • Physical Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Hubungan Insan
  • Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia

English for Life Sciences are also in the syllibus but it doesn’t have written exams.

If you ask me,Physical Pharmacy (FF) is my best bet to get better result.Hehe.I’ve the most confidence during answering this than the other papers.The Pharmacy Practice for final are not written,but it’s lab practical.We’re basically getting an exam book containing two doctor prescriptions and were to make the drugs,complete with the lab report.Our drugs are a suspension and an emulsion (cod stinks!!).What happen during the exam is that I mistakenly make the drugs in the wrong order.I should make the suspension 1st but I don’t understand the directions.I was panicked for a moment and quickly gather myself back on track.Fortunately,I was able to make both drugs in time.Although my emulsion still is not white/milky coloured enough….

Pharmacy Practice Lab

The drugs shelf
The drugs shelf

Pharmacy Practice Lab

InsyaAllah keputusan OK kot.Cukup untuk masuk 2nd year.Huuuu.Whatever the result may be,I’ll accept it as I’ve somehow tried my best this time because I know my 1st sem result is not good.

I’ve suddenly agreed to my friends’ invite to study at the campus library.I never studied in libraries.I would just finish my lab report,chit-chatting and then lab report again,then chit-chat,then Koleksi Bahan Bacaan Ringan…That’s the typical stuff that I do in the library.Hehe.Ironically,I brought my sister’s 14inch TV into my room during the study week.I’m watching TV like I did in my home but less hours in front of it.I think I managed to control my TV time.There’s also once that for 3 consecutive days,the TV is swithed off,lying on the study desk.I’ve always tempted to switch it on and watch The Good Old Days,but I know if I did,it will take hours continuing shows.So,I didn’t.

Now I’m watching TV occasionally at the comfort of my home (just been back home this friday).But there are several days after the final paper (5th May) that I stayed in college,spending time with friends…and going around KL (like I haven’t had enough).My money in the bank is quitely running out.But still OK lah.

Handbagsss Handbags Sale Shoesss Busy Times Square,KL

Women poking around the branded handbags on sale
Women poking around the branded handbags on sale

Fortunately I didn’t buy anything.A bit guilty about my spending pattern these days.

After the final paper,we went to Jalan TAR and Masjid India for little reason,but end up buying 2 new tudung(s).Both under RM20 maaa.Takkan ak tak nak..Anyway,on the next day we went to Mid Valley Megamall to…emm for little reason also,but end up buying a book already in my wanted list for a long time..the novel Brida by Paulo Coelho.I was smitten by his lyrical writing style and thought provoking novels since reading Veronica Decides To Die back in 2005.I also bought 2 new blouse.Cheap nice stuff.At night,we’ve this movie time thing.I requsted to watch Rambo (2008) although I’ve seen it twice.And it wasn’t easy to get my friends to watch this kind of movie.

Right now,I’m home…currently working on the Workpaper for our PMUKM one program under our division.And also not to forget,Hari Interaksi Farmasi 09/10 for TTK.Now they want badges to be designed (the T-Shirts were done).Uh Oh.

Oh,last but not least…taking up driving lesson.Maybe learning to sew..(lol) or baking pies…do an ‘attachment’ at the pharmacy…continue playing WOW after 3 stagnant months (have no guild right now.aiyaaaa.checked at WOWarmory) although it still have loading probs.Ape lagi haa?I should be tidying the books and papers I brought home from college.That should be done first.OK that’s all ^_^

p/s:Still kena daftar di K5 untuk sem depan.Lepas tu baru keputusan rayuan kolej blh tau.Haaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa Plaza RAH here I come..(unwillingly)


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