(So long since last time I posted!!!)

Today I just finished the Forensic Pharmacy test (30% final exam marks so it’s very important).At first, I thought the term ‘forensic’ is for those stuff in CSI.Hahaha.Well, it’s not.It’s actually the law and regulations that regulate the pharmacy practice and profession.We got 5 objective questions and 5 essays.Prof. said that in Law, we all need to be very particular.That means accurate acts and regulations must be written.Jangan hentam-hentam tukar ayat.We’ve to memorise the exact acts,sections,amendments,regulations, bla bla bla.OMG.I’d rather memorise human anatomy and physiology (really?haha) than those.If I’m going to continue further education,I’m kind of sure that I’ll not going to go deep into Law.The books were like…hmmmpphhh.I want pictures!!!!But I guess that’s what the Law students must endure in their 3 years of degree (Is it 4?Not sure).Law is great stuff.When I talk about Law and those sections,acts bla bla bla,I think of myself as a more mature person.Hahaha.I always thought of it like that.You can’t talk Law when you don’t learn Law.I think that’s the rule.

Overall,my test would be Average.I hope so.There’s this one entry in the Provisional Registration (s.6) law that I just make up the words because I don’t remember the exact ones.From “Any qualifications listed in First Schedule (List Of Registrable Qualifications) s.6(1)(a)” to “Graduated from Institutions listed in First Schedule (List Of Registrable Qualifications) s.6(1)(a)”Adoiii.That’s wrong.You can’t make up the words like that.Duhh.

After this we won’t be having Forensic Pharmacy paper anymore (Not really sure about this) except when we’re graduated and on the way to do housemanship,then we’ll be having Forensic Pharmacy paper for real,for qualifying ourselves as pharmacists who know their Laws.Now I’ve a new profound respect for the Law students.Not that I don’t think like this before, but it’s different when I’m really learning a bit about it.That’s it,just a bit.So it’s a new kind of respect.Majulah Undang-Undang Untuk Negara!~

But for now,if someone asks me about Law,my answer will still be; “Ehmm…law?Err……”

p/s:Respek kat my sister,3rd year Law student at UIAM.Good luck in studying Law!!!


3 thoughts on “Law,Anyone??

  1. law!!anyone??



    sudh mahu pening belajar itu pelajaran undang2 di uia.

    sakit wu..tp mesti sakit gak klu saya jwb soklan budak farmasi.hehe

    sume susah..

    nk wat cne..

    buat jela


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