This isn’t the topic actually.I’ve been idea-less so I just put the name of the song I’m hearing right now.Laptop hasn’t been repaired so I haven’t got time to write more.The previous post hasn’t been updated also because of the same reason.Ohhh how much I suffered without my laptop….Anyway,there’s so many things that I look forward to right now but what I really want is to have a good night sleep that extends hours and hours the next morning.
I’ve english class tomorrow and Madam needs my speech outline which I hoped to be presented next week.I’m not prepared if I must present tomorrow and the speech will be bland.I’ve just been appointed as one of the ‘Exco’ for Hari Interaksi Farmasi 09/10 as Exco Tugas-Tugas Khas which is the most *creative* department of the organization.LOL.It needs a whole lot of ideas.I’m very nervous about it as I don’t really like the feeling of someone putting their confidence in me to handle things like this.This is creative stuff we’re talking about!For me it’s not those things that you can get overnight.Creativity just comes.I can’t be pressured by deadlines,hopes or whatever.Oh my.I really need to be surrounded by creative energy right now.


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