OK.So today I’ve like,tonnes of work(s) that I’ve to return/submit by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.But just now I’ve just submit the college’s News Flash assigment to my editor.I should’ve finish it days before,but,haha I can never seem to be puntucal all the time.I do,but once in a blue moon.Now I’ve to finish Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry lab report by tomorrow.And at 8am (tomorrow) me and my friend need to distribute 4KL Carnival’s flyers around Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.To day is our lucky day because all the classes before 12 noon is cancelled due to 3rd year students using our classroom for their proposal presentation.By Friday,there’ll be my English class which I need to hand over the chosen topic’s reference for our coming Individual Speech in front of the class.Also,the TITAS thing.Adoii!The topic was…erk.Not interesting and hard to find it’s references…Our topic is “Kepercayaan Mistik Dalam Taoisme”.I thought we’d be getting topics on Palestine issue but my friend’s group got that topic.
Hmm.So what am I doing right now?LOL better go back to my friend,together finishing the design for 4KL Carnival directions to be place around Taman Tasik Titiwangsa..
Just at 8.40pm,I’ve just arrived to the college from KLCC,for some *special reasons*.I’m flat with all the walking and catching taxis.Mak aaiii…


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