Bumped into this article  yesterday  :


This is just my view on the article.

Again,someone saying Islam is Anti-Women.

“Of course violence against women is not limited to Islamic countries but Islamic countries have become stigmatised as being mysogynist societies which are inherently anti-women.”

“Inherently anti-women”?

LOL.I’ve a problem with the word “Inherently”.I’ve never felt hated all my life,at least in our beloved country Malaysia.We’ve a complete Syariah law system to backup muslim women,and not stoning them to death just like that.Know that a punishment like that is not done like,in the same day as the woman is caught.A lenghty process is done after that to look in detail of the crime,and if it fulfill the many aspects that Islam has stated to sentenced the woman,which is many many aspects to look into.Learn/read it in the Syariah Law books or sources.There is SO MUCH to it.There’s many form of it,which is lighter.It’s very hard,actually,to legally (by Islam law) to put someone on that punishment.It’s actually the maximum/the peak amongst all the forms.Legally,it might just sentenced only one in our life time.But that one will influence millions others to not do it.Every detail is considered,as it may potentially just a total deception, if someone was trying to frame the woman.Or if it’s that bad.We don’t want to punish someone innocent,or denying her rights to plead,or to give a punishment not matching the crime done,right?Look it up in Syariah books and go see for yourself.Another thing is,just don’t do stuff like that.No right-minded woman would practice adultery.The negative aftermath are countless while we can actually just simply stay away from it.I’m not in the best position to say much as obviously I’m not a Law student (my sister is.hehe)

Not all Muslim countries practice unequality to women.(Actually the word “unequality” needs to be defined as well as it indicates a wide meaning) I know some countries are but I’m not prepared with exact links of sources so I won’t be saying it here point-blank.I’m against these kind of governments.I’m sure a normally raised human naturally hates that.To practice this law,that country must have a government that’s a real Islamic at heart,for it’s dangerous if it’s in the wrong hands.I’m taking the article as saying it to those terrible countries and not mine and ours.

Yakin Erturk, the UN’s rapporteur on violence against women, said at a weekend conference that women must demand their governments carry out pledges to grant equal rights and ensure their safety.

You’ve said it.It’s the problem of the government, and not the religion.How they manage the laws for women?I’m not sure.But I know some countries are lousy on attending issues of violence against women.Why?I,myself not sure why.I think it’s their budaya or negative perception of the ruling men.There’s a scientific term to classify men who are totalitarians on women,you know.It’s recognized as a mental disease and not just merely a mind-set because it affects their actions to others.It may rooted to how the men were raised and how their childhood were spent.Often they came from abusive father or both parents.These men are all like cavemen I think!You can’t just assume a muslim government to be comprised of very good muslim.Hard to find one at this time being,actually.Islam is just a word to be written under the ‘religion’ slot in their birth certificates and identification cards LOL.

“Women are not being bad Muslims when they demand equality, demand justice, demand their husbands stop beating them,”said Musawah project director Zainah Anwar.

Those husbands are not following the true teachings of Islam.Never in Islam I’ve heard that it calls for total authority to the husband to beat their wives and get away with it.That’s why there’s law system to protects women from domestic violence.I’m not going to say that “Domestic violence not only occurred in muslim countries” because that’s pointless.Nowadays,violence is everywhere.Some people has lost their faith in every religion because they say that anyone can be a psycopath on a killing spree,regardless of his religion.Simplified as – “Any religion can’t stop someone from being a killer/psycopath etc” I’m not arguing on this either.I disagreed with it, but I don’t have the words to explain it,as it is my belief.Because everyday,everytime,there’s so many things that lure us to something bad.It’s very normal as human beings to have our ‘dark side’.This nature of human is what Islam addressed upon setting rules and limits.Because we humans are humans,afterall.You can be worse yesterday, and be better on the next day.

I’m not looking down on the human minds’ tremendous ability,but just own up to the fact that humans make mistakes.If we’re following absolutely what our minds are saying, we might come up with our version of a religion.Human minds are so powerful that you might believe it’s the truest thing on Earth!As what happened in our country years ago – The Ayah Pin with his Sky Kingdom thingy.Ayah Pin ordered his female followers to undress as he said their clothes are ‘unclean’.What a laugh.A clear understatement of women.

Muslim women, don’t think that your rights as a woman are doomed.Most often,are the women themselves don’t know their own rights, and not learning it.When their rights are violated,only then they run to the Law they ignored themselves before.In such an intellectual world right now,one shouldn’t be denied of her rights.You just have to know where and how to voice it.And the courage to stand up for yourself.Most wives who were beaten/violated are afraid to voice out because they’re afraid of their husbands.Or afraid of how the society will not believe them.I hate this kind of society.Narrow minded society/government may put them down but Islam and the law will not.

In the meantime,improve ourselves!Don’t be that static,stagnant girl that thinks she’s the best female ever walks on Earth while half (or in my case,two-thirds LOL) of the world she never cared to learn.

Perjalanan Masih Jauh…


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