This is what I say right now.Because…

-I can’t blog like I used to because my beloved beloved laptop has an unknown problem which it can’t start Windows.Grrrr!!!Kalau kena format mmg aku tension gile laaaa!

-My mid-sem exam is next week on Monday,with Physical Pharmacy being the 1st subject.And I still can’t explain what Clausius-Clapeyron theory means.

-I just read my newly wed brother’s blog.Oh My!Be happy always n jangan sedih walaupun terpisah sekejap!!huhu…

-My mother said that she wants us make Popiah Goreng this evening.Popiahhh!!

-I remembered my lab coat still stinging of the awful smell of Cod Liver Oil we use in the lab this past few days to make Cod Liver Oil Emulsion.Which didn’t turned out as it should be.Cehh

-My laptop can’t be started.Again,Oh My…

-Staring at the wallpaper of the computer right now-a picture of my two little niece and nephew.My…how much I miss them,and how good the feeling when they smiled at me.

-Oh.Back to the exam thing.Haven’t study anything yet.Except what I revised in class.Another bad result.LOL.

-I haven’t started searching for my Organic Chemistry notes from Matriculation days.That notes are my beacon of light right now.I can’t seem to study well with Solomon’s.

Okay,so now that’s it.Let’s see how much time before I’ll get a free time to bring my laptop for repair.Only then I can blog whenever I like.


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