Salam.I just want to write here that right now me and my friends are cracking our heads off writing the Physical Pharmacy lab reports!Dr. Mumtaz(FF lecturer) were giving us 2 lengthy and complicated reports to be done after CNY break.And there’s the Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry write-up to be done too.Oh my.Now I’m trying to get it done before going home as you know lah when I’m at home,chances are so thin!But I’ll manage.This 1 week break will be a good one.


2 thoughts on “CNY Eve…

  1. ahaaa,selamat menyiapkan apa yg sini ngah busy exam,lepas exam,cuti puas2!! hua hua

    rs otak mcm dh tepu,tp fathiyyah harus terus belajar.. 🙂

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