Anjuran kolejku…

Perasmian dan Malam Seni Rumpun Melayu

12th January – Overall nice.With the average decorations in our Multi Purpose Hall,and several good dances showcasing some of the Malay and Sabah Sarawak’s ethnic dances,it’s pretty good to watch.4 of my classmates performed that night!One does the emceeing,the other two dances(chinese and a sarawakian),the other performed Silat Gayung.It’s fun to see someone from my class on that stage.Hehe.There was this girl (I think she’s a senior of our college) who sang Malay ethnic songs beautifully…she has the Noraniza Idris kind of voice but softer.I think she’s the only singer who knows how to sing that night.There are a some shows done by colleges from main campus Bangi.It’s an OK night,I think.Maybe I’m too tired to take notice of anything that night because I’ve just gotten back from campus at 6pm++.Early in the night,I applauded but then,haiyaa..bile la nak habis ni..(kesian pulak fikir budak dari Bangi tu.Penat je perform!Tak larat nak tepuk kuat2 laaa)

I have pictures but it’s too low quality to consider,so it’s pointless to put it here.(Nak beli hp kamera baru!!)

Malam Ranggoli

16th January – Lucky lucky night!I’m not very tired yesterday so I do take part in the applauding,supporting,and *shouting*.I always do these things,as for me those who are just sit there emotionless-ly watching the stage are boring people unless they were tired on that day.Hahaha.I’m very much a person with energy to enjoy shows,whether dances,dramas,singing,any types of stage shows,or just admiring the massive sound system and gorgeous stage lights.I guess I like to observe and to be impress very much. But who am I to judge?So,dismiss the thought and just enjoy the show.A classmate of mine dances which I never knew he can. :-p .Many Hindustan-like energetic dances with great moves and poses.And there’s a special dance by Temple Of Fine Arts done by real dancers.Too many dances associated with the Indians which I can’t remember the spelling,but overall it’s great.I must say the guys dances better than the girls.Seriously.There was this lead guy dancer in The Friendship Dance which is the best dance in the night!I wonder if he’s been in any Bollywood movies.Haha but later then there was a group of guys formed a small circle at the back of the hall and started to dance to the beat of the songs like some serious club goers.Err I don’t think it’s appropriate…The decorations were great.Especially the stage.It has a replica of a big blue peacock with golden feathers.

Majlis Penutup dan Pesta Ang Pau

Dragon hung up the ceiling

18th January – A real crowded and congested night.There were students from UTM KL campus came to our college so the whole place was so full leaving no place for us ; the 1st year students whom attendance to the function was compulsary.So,I can’t find any free seating left so I haven’t been able to watch the whole thing.All I know was that many of my chinese classmates were on that stage for a short sketsa.The whole play was literally our show because all the lead characters were from my class.But I can’t recognized some of them(with all the make ups and costumes.Hehe)It’s a story about the situation in a chinese family where the father loves to gamble.AJL 2008 was on the same date you know!So,many of us just watched the competition at our cafeteria while the Majlis Penutup was currently happening in the hall.Well,got no place to sit.Don’t want to stand either.


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