On 11th Jan at Stadium Titiwangsa.OMG it’s so long since my last post.I’ve not getting any idea flowing nowadays.There’s something going on in my life right now,but I do want to write about this because this is one hell of a great nasyid concert!Even the TNC of UKM was there…

Artistes line-up

Nazrey Johani,Muadz,In-Team,Guest Band:Algebra (nasyidband pioneer I think)

Songs performed

Nazrey Johani:Secerah Pawarna(a classic one),Antara Dua Cinta,Suci Sekeping Hati,Kehidupan(feat. In-Team)

Algebra:Yang Benar Tetap Benar,Daerah Ini,Aku Rela

Muadz:Selawat Nabi S.A.W,Amrullah,Stand Up,Hijrah(feat. Algebra)

In-Team:Hamzah,Segenggam Tabah,Pemergian

All:Untukmu Palestin

Well,as expected,I must say that Algebra rocks the night.Ni la rupanya nasyidband yg masuk Melodi tu??Haha New breed of nasyid la I guess.In a good way.The songs are lyrically dakwah islamiah,and written by this guy who are very much known by many.An eclectic,creative chinese muslim UIA lecturer named Xifu Naser.The songs goes around Palestine Issue,and sang by the vocalist so good that it sadden us,the audiences.Vocalist’s voice is quite good,you know.And the music,the drums bla bla bla is good too.And the image?Whoa.A bunch of rather good looking guys in serban(s) rocking out the scene.That is…emm…creative,and bold.Haha.But the point is to spread dakwah,but in a younger approach,so I think it’s OK.Man,how many females buying their CDs and capturing their pictures after the concert.I mean,they are good at what they do,so,it’s expected.With the vocalist’s wicked sense of humor,they lift up the scene a bit lighter.The messages still understood along the way.

Surely a group to watch out for.

Muadz have a great great voice!Never seen him live.I think he’s very good at singing and he should get more praise than he get right now.Furthermore,the concept of taking the hadith(s) as lyrics is creative.You can easily remember long hadith(s) just by remembering the songs.

Nazrey Johani and In-Team?Great as always.Miss Raihan,though.

Some of the songs were made slides for each of it,with lyrics in it.The background is snapshots of the Palestinian victims of Israel’s war on Hamas(konon2).


5 thoughts on “Konsert Untukmu Palestin 2009

  1. Thanks a lot for your support of “Nasyeed Kreatif”. It is time that we do tajdid to the almost dead industry music of pop and nasyeed. Both are crumbling. I have started with a different approach to lyrics with ‘lagu hadis’ (muadz) and now ‘lagu mufti’ (algebra). Even created first pro nasyeed band with serban on! But we need more SERIOUS help in producing more creative composers and artists but with a SERIOUS commitment to dakwah. Xifu Naser. email: myxifu@yahoo.com.my

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