6th December 2008 – Nikah, Majlis Resepsi keluarga perempuan

14th December 2008 – Majlis Resepsi keluarga lelaki

Cinta Di Jambatan.Hahaha

-Khubaib dan Nik Aishah-

Alhamdulillah!!!!Finally my sempoi brother IS married…happily married.My family is so busy with the preparation that we never got to do anything else except things concerning the wedding.Like the hantaran.It’s DIY you know!Hard,but fun.This is the second wedding in my family..My oldest brother already have 2 cute lovely kids.This is the wedding of my brother which is in my Family Connection At Hospital Selayang one.Now,he’s out from Hosp. Selayang and moving to Kuantan with my oldest brother home.In late January/early February he will be leaving the country for Australia,continuing studies,and his wife(my newly sister in-law) stays here,finishing her Medical Degree at UIA Kuantan Campus.Hmmm.Lecturer and Doctor.Good combination maybe.But whatever it is,the two of them is so very sweeeeettt together!!!I can’t help it.

I mean,if you are close with my brother,he’s the sempoi guy type.He’s also very into outdoor activities,and also extreme ones.He likes jungle trekking,hiking mountains,joining expeditions,diving(he’s a very good swimmer),emm what else eh?If we want to go jungle trekking/’picnic’ at the river,he’ll be the only guy in the family to guide us.My father seldom has time to join,so he’s the only one.He’s so simple in dressing.And I mean,simple!Sempoi..Sempoi Guy.

I think his most over-used phrase is “Tade hal laa…” or “Boleh je..no problem”.

Duh.I hate it when he says it sometimes,because he’s so laidback in everything,literally.It’s frustrating.For a girl.Well,one of the things that a female is really good at,is to worry,right?Not in a bad way,though.That’s why there are women and men in this world,to complement each other.While my sister in-law is a detailed person,soft-spoken,and,graceful.Yes.That’s one of the best words to describe her.She’s so…somewhat ethereal(Whoa!).Hard to think of suitable words,but that’s near.

He and his wife is a living proof of Opposites Attracts.(Is it a good news to me?Hmmmmm…….)

Pakai cincinsweet couple..tahniah!!!Tu anak abg sulung tauuu..heheCouple In Purple

Too many pics of them in my laptop..Menyemak je.Ceyyy.Hahhahaha Takla.Right now,me and my sisters are dealing with the ‘lost’ of him.Selamat Berbahagia,Baib.May Allah guide you in life as a husband.Semoga Bahagia…Semoga semuanya OK..Semoga cepat dapat anak(ooopsss)!Kitorang semua happy untuk Baib..Selamat menempuh alam berumahtangga..It’s not easy(cakap mcm org dah kahwin).Masa kahwin semua OK,semua bahagia,tapi bile dah lame nanti?Pandai-pandai la sekarang ye..dah tak duduk sebumbung ngan Mama,Baba,kitorang semue.Kahwin bukan easy matter.Susah la sket nak cakap “Tade hal laa…”.Kahwin mmg banyak hal.Banyak senang,banyak jugak susah.To be married is one happy event.Tapi macam-macam lagi after kahwin ni.

Ramai orang kata bila dah kahwin,lega.

Padahal,kahwin tu satu permulaan baru.Lega hapekemende?

Baru nak serabut fikiran kott!Haha.Hope you and your wife will always stays in love..Because to fall in love takes long time,but to fall out of it?It can happen in little time.So,semoga Allah berkati perkahwinan korang.

With His will,everything will be true.


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