WOW(World Of Warcraft) is my current addiction.I’ve played Warcraft since it earlier days.Among many previous Warcraft(s),WOW is the real addictive one.I lose interest very easily,even when playing DOTA.My brother introduced this to me,taught me on some important points on gameplay,which I pick up quite fast and now I enjoy the game.

But what sadden me is the fact that none of my friends play it.But hey,it’s really NOT something unexpected.It’s really hard to find a girl friend who shares this same interest from all of the girls I knew all my life.But I really hope I do.I envied my brother who have a whole bunch of friends in WOW whom he already knew from his workplace/friend of a friend/school/etc.I never will have a friend of mine (from this real world) to play with me.So now I’ve to make virtual friends,players from around the world whom I didn’t know by flesh.Haha that’s not a big deal either,it’s always the same when I play multiplayer/online games,but still I find that playing with real friends makes the gameplay more enjoyable.I’m yet to achieve a reputation as a great WOW player,but I’m working through it.

Anyway,I’m a Lock.Blood-elf warlock in Balnazzar(US realm) playing at the Horde side.WOW is really an experimental game.You can play with any way you want.The time I spent playing The Sims are decreasing.Haha


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