Well,First Edition makes me remembers some things associated with this phrase..during F2,my group enters the NIE Newspaper Challenge and our ‘newspaper’ was named ‘First Edition.Remember the drama about that guy (don’t forget his cute cat) who receives news a day before.That newspaper named Early Edition.Somewhat gave me idea.

This First Edition is about all the first editions of things in my life.I may edit this from time to time in case i forgot…

1st close boyfriend(and i mean FRIEND):Ali.This boy is my neighbor during my childhood years.Now at Egyt.

1st close girlfriend:Aimi.(can’t remember who i’m close to before knowing her)

1st CD bought:Dead Letters of The Rasmus.(crazy about Lauri’s vocalist of this Finnish band’s voice)

1st time on stage:During ‘graduation’ day of Tadika Amal(around Gombak Setia)

1st handphone:Nokia ‘Butterfly’ given by my mom after SPM

1st crush:errrr…too many crush laa.lost count.maybe during Standard 2.hahahaha!


1st movie i’m sooo crazy about:The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.Seriously great movies.

1st game i’ve finished to the end:Call Of Duty 2.I’m good as a sniper!

1st heartbreak:Standard 5 maybe…?ouch.too many heartbreaks…

1st manga i’ve ever love:Sailormoon.Still loves it now!i like Sailor Mars the most…hehe…

1st time buying clothes by myself:Form 4.Never bought any before that.Always using my mom’s money

1st time studying out of my hometown:Form 4.First time entering boarding school…

1st laptop:Not yet!!waiting for JPA…

1st scar:Can’t remember what age is that.But i got it because of a bicycle accident.Still stays you know…

1st chinese drama i was crazy about:The Good Old Days.Remember???This is when i’m in F1 maybe..Nice drama!!

1st epic chinese drama i was crazy about:Supreme Master.

1st english novel finished read:Veronica Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho.Great story

1st malay novel finished read:can;t remember..my short term memory loss thing is so frustrating!!

1st cry:WHAT??Why ask???of course when i’m just been born…

1st thing to do when waking up:Searching for my hp.To turn off the alarm.And continue sleep of course!

1st radio station i love to hear:Mix FM

1st time going to the cinema:After SPM

1st movie saw in a cinema:Possessed.(Malaysian horror movie starring Amber Chia)

1st time wearing high heels:Form 5.during Gala Dinner.felt so miserable…

1st handbag:A maroon canvas handbag from Cleef.Still use it now

1st time hating someone soooo much:Form 4.Hate this guy.even until now

1st pet:A white furred cat when i was a toddler.Which didn’t survive long…

1st picture 2-2 with a…errr guy:Matriculation days.during Last Dinner of The Year.Nothing laaa…

1st time having a bank card of my own:Form 4.A Maybankard.

1st gold ring(i mean GOLD):My mom gave it to me during Hari Raya.on 2007

1st cartoon that i love:emm Tomatoman??

1st time lodging a police report:25th of August.lodging a police report abt..errr abt ‘kehilangan kad matrik’aarghh!!!so embarrassing!!!hate those police!!!

1st laptop(using my own money):well not really MY money.JPA’s.its HP Compaq Presario CQ40.bought at Low Yatt Plaza(of course lah!)Just on the last 2 sundays…’black is beautiful’

errrr what more firsts…?


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