On 16th August, all i can say after leaving the seats in TGV cinemas Times Square was…WOW!i love this film..the queue was long because Wall-E has just been released in Malaysia on 14th August,so it’s new.the people who came to watch Wall-E were from many ages.kids with their parents,couples,husbands n wives,sisters(like me n my sis) etc.My rating on a scale from 1-5 is maybe 4.It has all kinds of things that made it worth the tickets n the time.but i think it didn’t have that certain ‘X-Factor’ to make me LOVE it like i love The Lion King (the 1st movie when Simba was a cub).

And FYI,i normally don’t like animated movies..i don’t know why.unlike my sister whose with me watching Wall-E.

Wall-E and Eve bathing in sunset light...
Wall-E and Eve bathing in sunset light...

Actually she said that she were to buy the tickets for Susuk(Malay horror movie), but then she thought i’ll arrived late so she bought the ones that starts later,that is Wall-E.so it’s kind of accidental.but then,Thank God!indeed Wall-E is satisfying.it starts with great silence…not because there are no ambience sounds but because of the absence of…real people.i mean it’s animated so there’s no live people in there.no human-y dialogues whatsoever.Just the sounds of the winds sweeping the future world(the movie is set at the year 2775 if i’m not mistaken).the future Earth is pictured as dirty planet,a planet for trash,rubbish n debris.it’s considered as dangerous for human being to live so all the human were sent out to space n live out from the galaxy.at the start,it shows what n who Wall-E is..just a ROBOT,and the only robot here at Earth.it is set to clean up the Earth.Wall-E lives in lonely,empty n dirty world.Wall-E is a ‘he’.He had a cockroach as his friend.His small home was decorated beautifully with the rubbish that he had found during cleaning,the lights,the TV etc.

I don’t have the time to write the full story but i want to say that Wall-E is actually a movie with mixed themes.Love,Importance of a green world,Cooperation,The disadvantages of living a ‘perfect’ world etc.The utmost important theme is Love.and love in this film is mainly depicted as the need to hold someone’s hand…so it’s kind of sweet.never i stumble upon a film that emphasis on this thing,the action of holding hands,n that holding hands is the very thing that Wall-E wanted with Eve,the ‘she’ robot,which is actually a probe sent out to Earth from the BnL company to search for living plants.Eve is a very ‘robotic’ in every way,while Wall-E is very human-ic.a clash of both worlds.

Eve n Wall-E
Eve n Wall-E

It’s amazing that the director can connects the audience(humans) with the robots.Andrew Stanton as the director is putting so much feelings n heart in the robot characters which are normally described as a thing without feelings. Robots are the main characters in Wall-E while the human race is just the supporting actors/esses.Wall-E is further beautified with other funny characters.the film has much humor in it..making us laughing at times n also felt like crying at times too.this is a normal condition for me as i’m a keen audience of a film that i always looking in between the script/dialogues for meanings.but what makes me amazed by Wall-E is that it’s such a loveable robot character n that he makes us sympathized.What a lonely world without no one to holding hands with…this is shown vividly in Wall-E.and holding hands were made so important even in the act to save the world from decaying for example 2 human character catching up each others hand to save everyone,and also when they were passing The Plant to Eve.

Wall-E is very absorbing.and the thing that everyone should hear is how Wall-E pronounces his name n Eve’s name.It’s so cute!wonder how they made it like that… never thought i would love a robot character.i hate robots.the likes of Gundam,Toy Story,etc…but then i love Wall-E.because of its human-ic feelings n also for its clumsy doings,and all of it is just for the sake of liking Eve.and Wall-E is physically cute too!

My favourite scenes are many,but one that stands out is the scene in Wall’E’s home,with Eve where Eve’s face is dimly lightened by the fire on a lighter,while Wall-E watches her with glistened eyes…like he’s mesmerized by her.And the background music in the TV…showing a man n a woman, as expected,holding hands.

Andrew Stanton,thanks for opening my eyes to animated movie featuring robots as the lead characters.even better than Pixar’s Finding Nemo.


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