i just gotten back from 3 days of interview n enrollment exams of UNPAD at HUKM,cheras.the house was duuhhh..dusty!!my eyes sting!the exams were hard..we’re not allowed to use calculators..i also have to answer Physics questions..so u know lah how much i suffer..hahahaa…long time since i last studied Physics.i met a friend from school.not really rapat ngan die,but we know each other.monday’s night,i went searching for my sister whose studying medical there,in the same campus.i slept in her room for the night n went to enrollment exam on the next day wearing her baju kurung.n borrow her friend’s calculator.after those exams were finished,i stayed there until today.spending time with my sister..walking around HUKM(its a hospital so i don’t have any places to go) but there’s a huge beautiful lake outside the hospital.my sister wanted to bring me there but got no time..again.hahaha.medical student is sooo busy.maybe next time.

went back home at 3pm lebih kurang.then check my UPU results with my another sister(haha!) she sit there in front of the computer to watch the result with me.i’m nervous!becoz this will affect my decision.i got what i want.Pharmacy.in UKM.my second choice…first choice is at UITM.wonder why i didn’t get a place there.maybe they want better results kot..so,here i am.

Now thinking about where to continue my studies.

Still don’t know yet!


One thought on “UPU results!

  1. focus on ur interest
    not ur abiity to do both courses
    not th euniversity n so on
    li fong sam la…ho mou..
    tunggu result mara this friday
    n make ur decision
    anything u choose we support
    tp pk tol2 be4 pilih..
    nk blaja ni bukan bercuti

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