Yesterday,me n my friends went back to school in Serting,Negeri brings back the memories.well u know,the things that we do when we’re still schoolgirls,wearing those white baju kurung n MRSM standardized colour,khakis.kain sekolah aku color time,i was really proud of that makes us different from any other schools in the bile dh lama kt sekolah,baru aku sedar yg kaler kain tu xde makna pn.x membezakan kitorng dgn bdk sekolah lain.we’re all the same.anyway,b4 going to MRSM,i was in a islamic private school located in my hometown.most of my schoolyears were spent there.sometimes i wonder which one of these 2 schools of mine is better.

but then again,i can’t compare’s two different things,different places,different people and different environment.once,wearing tudung labuh is MRSM,it isn’ it’s different.then,kaler kain.students nationwide wear blue but in MRSM,we wear khakis.before,i live near my families n my friends but then i live’s like 3 hours drive from KL to Serting at the makes so many differences.n i can’t find which is thing remain the same.both are places so full of life experiences.although it’s been 2 years after leaving school,n there are events that i forgot about,it stays with me.i love both of my schools.i think schools are fun n don’t understand why kids right now hate coming to school.Or doing awful things at school.i had those times too.they should know that school years is one of the best years in our lives,so don’t ruin,terpulanglah pd masing2.for me,i cherished those times until now n for many years to come.

##Thanks For The Memories##


3 thoughts on “My Old School..

  1. hi, just wanted to ask something. Since you went to MRSM when you were in school, is MRSM a mixed school? Do they have malay, chinese and indian students or do they only accept malay students? and, is it compulsory for us to wear tudung there?

    How’s the orientation day? can you describe to me how they do it? i would very much like to know about it =)

    thank you very much.

  2. hmmm as we all know,MRSM is under MARA right?eventhough its under MARA,they actually allows 10% of non-bumiputera students to study in my school,there were about 20 non malay students..n as in any usual school in our country,tudung is compulsory..and as for orientation day,i don’t know if i can help u that much becoz i was not the 1st intake students.i was in the u know at MRSM there were many intakes of students?after me there was another intake.that was already in the middle of the we must catch up with the other students who were already there.the orientation week for our intake was as usual..mostly we were given talks from the Pentadbiran n Ketua2 Jabatan..n the Pengetua of course.and we were introduced 2 the BKP(Badan Kepimpinan Pelajar).they were our seniors.the orientation week was tiring becoz we must always go somewhere else to be given talks or activities..the activities were moderate.i mean we weren’t penalised if we come late..there were some seniors who like to bully the juniors.but i must say that its ok lah..not bad.unlike the orientation in university so don’t worry.why do u ask?r u a secondary school student waiting for entry to a MRSM school??

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