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Day of Mourning, 22 Aug 2014


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10th July


Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Won’t you stay with me
This ain’t love it’s clear to see
But won’t you stay with me?
Stay with me

Coldplay – Ghost Stories

When Ghost Stories was released 5 days ago, it was around midnight here. For some reason I can’t seem to sleep that night. I didn’t even remember I already pre-ordered it some days before. *New mail notification* *opens* OMG my order was confirmed it said. And I was to download the whole album on my iPod, to commence as soon as I receive the confirmation email. It was the best news. I haven’t been buying Coldplay’s 2 albums back (Viva La Vida & Mylo Xyloto). I’m a guilty Coldplayer since all I ever do is listen to them for free on YouTube. I miss the heartbreak and lost I felt from the older albums. So when I put up my earphones and listened to Ghost Stories, first song that came was of course, Magic. It gets a fair amount of airtime on radio. But…yeah it’s a good song but it didn’t picture the album.

Magic. Then, A Sky Full of Stars came on…True Love, O, Always in My Head. Then Midnight, etc.

I was gently surprised at the difference of this album. Chris’ voice, it’s on many different tones unaccustomed to the Coldplay that we knew over the years. The whole album has no climax if it wasn’t for A Sky Full of Stars. The whole album was done in a levelled way, like it wasn’t meant for anything too big or to prove something. In all its nonchalantness, it made me heavy with feelings. Made me reminisce and cry. It was a personal album. As we all know Chris Martin and wife was technically apart very recently, and you just can’t separate this event in Chris’ life with the mood of the album. The sequence of the songs are even more interesting. Starts with I think of you, I haven’t slept ends with looking up to the sky, thinking of love (A flock of birds just hovering above, that’s how you think of love) Before the longing of wanting to fly next to that love, A Sky Full of Stars exploded with sure sounds and sing along tunes. The in between songs are slow (except Ink) and poetic, just working to enhance the overall album. Upon travelling through all the tracks for the first time, I bloody well get it.

Ghost Stories sounds unlike Coldplay so much as it were before. It isn’t experimental though. It doesn’t felt like when Keane released Perfect Symmetry. The moody album is not the kind of bad moody album that you’d avoid when you’re in a cheered mood. It’s a remembrance of what we’ve gone through once or some times in our lives, it felt very real, the love you once had, is celebrated in this album. It doesn’t felt like giving up but, resolution and making peace with yourself. The theme of a love lost somewhere in a long hard fought battle, is very relatable to a lot of us. If you have ever loved someone as much, you would understand and listen to your stories laid out in this album where you could endlessly drown into no end and wish you could write better about your life tragedies! For sometimes the biggest heartbreak  can be the best inspiration. Being in the melancholy and able to fish yourself out is a glorious thing. And for this fact I always thanked Chris Martin and the guys.

Showstoppers : A Sky Full of Stars and Always in My Head.

Still here

I’m young,

I have the right to feel afraid and fearful

over a million things in my head, and beyond

Isn’t it or is it not?

once upon a time

When I decided to Poladroid-ed my fave photos from Seoul trip 2 years ago…love this cool app! Meanwhile Im contemplating on getting 80’s Polaroid camera, currently bookmarking the finds on Etsy


IMG_3309-pola IMG_3349-pola IMG_3463-pola IMG_3553-pola IMG_3588-pola IMG_3806-pola IMG_3831-pola01 IMG_3838-pola IMG_4241-pola01 IMG_4272-pola01 IMG_4317-pola IMG_4564-pola IMG_4569-pola01 IMG_4620-pola IMG_4693-pola IMG_4836-pola

The Daylights – You Are

Still in love with this song…but still can’t freaking find the lyrics anywhere!
I cant make out the two verses =[ this isn’t correct all the way though

You are my first hello and my last goodbye
You gave my favorite looks from my favorite eyes
You are the light that comes from days of hiding
You are the heavens falling on the earth tonight
You make my heart feel this and my head feel that
And I don’t mean to be sentimental but,
You’re the only thing that means anything
You are

Like ….,
never sinking, defies everything
Like the world is hopeless
you are the savior
my every ….. tonight

You are the innocence in a maddening fight
You are my ……. waiting at the hotel light
Thank God I got one thing right
You are
You are

haha lol

10 Mental Blocks to Creative Writing

10 Mental Blocks to Creative Writing

When I scurried for solutions on why my brain stops working since forever, I googled ‘Writer mental….’

‘Writer mental blocks’ pops up. Hahaha. Im not alone. This is a great article I’ve came across :



Sound of silenc…

Sound of silence

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound…of silence.

MH370 : Still Missing

I am reminded back to the flight I took from Lombok (IDN) to KL (MAS). It was turbulent, and we were entering a dead space of air that was left by a plane ahead of us. I am not a seasoned traveller and am afraid of classic stuff like speed and height so naturally I was chilled to the bones, kept a strong grip to my seat and prayed in my heart. Air travel particularly in Asia has improved so much through the years that less than 1 crashes in 2 million flights happened each year. Coming from a country with high fatal road accidents, deaths on the road has become sadly, normal. Very common. I would see accidents in everyday commute to and from work. Still I have a sick stomach everytime I’m boarding a plane.

Today is the 2nd day of search and rescue (SAR) for the missing aircraft MH370 from MAS Airlines, our pioneer aircraft carrier that was formed closely after formation of Malaysia. Historical company, very much forming one of our small country identity at the global front. Being a Malaysian it’s so hard to dissociate yourself from some of the innate ‘Malaysian thing’. As such, some kind of strength is needed to declare this incident as the biggest, most tragic in country’s aviation history if not making it into world charts of deadliest airplane disasters. 239 lives, 14 nationalities on board of the world’s ‘safest passenger aircraft’ Boeing 777. I find it hard, in my search for the truth to compensate the lack of facts that we actually knew about this incident considering the time it was first reported missing ; just 40 mins into departure from KLIA 8th March 2014 @ 1.30am. More than 24 hours after, status still the same ; Missing. Not delayed anymore. Not crashed. Not submerged. Just missing, into the clear night.

Too many conflicting updates especially local vs international sources. Extremely frustrating when seemingly background info on the fateful plane was very hard to milk from authorities. The ‘Malaysian thing’ to do is to provide cushion-effect to every heavy issues that has landed our country. It is very understandable and foreseeable that the authorities’ greatest interest is the families of the passengers. But it is also very natural to concern and feel the need to know, what has fallen to the lives on board on a good weather and without known technical errors? You don’t have to have relatives on that plane to care and feel half the terror from the families of passengers over the whole chronology of event. The sensitivity meter in Malaysia is a very fragile thing. You will get the picture if you gain some time digesting the Malaysian bowl of mixups made from everything – religion, race, politics, cultures, languages etc afraid I missed points there because there are just too many. You can crossed each others’ lines easily whether you’re with intentions or not. So the way authorities are handling the situation – ambidextrous, ambiguous, indirect are what we always get. Malaysians are a soft lot, afraid and very careful in treading the waters of others. I’d like to believe in hopes and hopes and yeah…hopes. At some points in my life I was always at the side, an observer, refusing to bring myself higher than the supposedly ‘allowed’ level of involvement, like the dubious shadow that follows you but never foil your path? I’m not that person to ask for prayers and prayers only. I find it more offending than searching for the truth no matter how hard it may be and counter productive in the event of a catastrophy. The extent of the situation so far is slowly leading us to a place we don’t want to go given the chance – Truth. A flight doomed to end lives, and begins questions, touching the already frail walls we put upon ourselves as fellow countrymen and to the world.

Whilst the people who needs to live on hopes, let live. You may shut your mind but it will come by at last. I, in the other hand is not going to sit through and let my mouth dry of prayers in sadness but to understand. May this understanding gives strength. As long as it is done in a duly manner there should be no obstruction from getting correct information and stop speculations, as the latter arose because of the void left by insufficient/indecisive conveying of insights. These differences make us need each other in this time of need.

I do pray, you know. It don’t need hashtags if I may point out…


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